The Team

Frédéric ABT

Gérant, ingénieur et technico-commercial


Ingénieur Bois et technico-commercial

Valentin ALLIOT

Économiste de la construction

A short presentation of our teams’ professions. What do they do?

The carpenter

Once the salesman has transmitted a project to the « implementation / build » phase, the carpenter makes a 3D CAD/CAM drawing using the « Dietrich’s » computer software enabling him to edit the manufacturing plans and the client is then able to validate the positioning of the openings and partitions. Then he selects from our stock the most appropriate wood type before going to the workshop to start the sawing process using the available cutting machines.

Then with the help of the team, he first goes to the workshop to trial start the assembly of the different elements in order to correct the eventual errors and after he will proceed to the building site to assemble the parts using Merlot lifting equipment.

Not only does the carpenter work on new constructions, but also in restoring existing ones as part of the renovations of roofs, extensions, etc …. .

Today, he puts together frames and structures which are compatible with our own system of construction responding to the most recent regulations in terms of energy savings and eco-construction.

The term eco-construction can be applied to any building which limits the impact on the environment in the most respectful way possible by using natural and local resources whilst still ensuring both the comfort and health of the occupants.

The roofer

Once the carpentry phase has been completed, the roofer is the one who completes the construction’s roof and guarantees the weather-proofing of it against any meteorological eventuality. He will prepare the surface area to be covered by putting into place a wooden support or supports (brackets, laths), the roof’s underlay (rainproof film) and thermal insulation (« Sarking » type) when available. He then notes its lathing to the nearest centimeter according to the type of tile to be used and slope of the roof. After, he installs the covering materials: tile, slate, aluminium, glass, zinc, etc. adding the fittings, seals and finishing touches. The « ABT construction bois » roofer is also specialized in energy retrofits when renovating existing roofs.

The sealing expert

The sealing expert lays waterproofed coverings that puts « water out of » buildings. He works on exposed walls: slightly sloping roofs (flat roofs), terraces, pediments etc… UV treated PVC waterproofing is used for these purposes which is thermo-welded. With constructions which are either new or in the process of restoration, his work must be irreproachable due to the fact water seepage can have major consequences. This is work carried out by professionals with an eye for perfection.

The zinc expert

The zinc expert is responsible for ensuring the correct evacuation of rainwater.

He works on either traditional roofs for the putting in place of gutters or waterspouts and for the making of valleys and chimney coverings which are made-to-measure using zinc-plate, lacquered sheet metal or copper which he folds, cuts and welds to size. He can also be called upon to work on flat roofs to make the wall capping profiles located on the pediments. He equally works on façades to usher the rainwater that has been collected on the roof to the downpipes.

The finishing touches are also carried out by him using lacquered sheet metal for the doors which not only contribute to the waterproofing of the construction but also to the aesthetic appeal of the building.

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