Builder of wood frame houses under the auspices of the C.C.M.I (Building Regulation Contract)

« ABT Construction Bois », formerly known as « Construction Felix Lutz SARL », has for nearly 20 years now accompanied its esteemed clientele in projects from A to Z. We are specialized not only in the construction of wood frame houses but also in the creation and renovation of the structure, terrace, veranda, roofing…. whilst bearing in mind the importance of an energy-saving approach (BBC approved) and above all the quality of the finished article.

Whether it is a self-build project or overseen by the C.C.M.I, we offer a project adapted to your needs.

Please feel free to come along with or without ideas (sketches, plans….), and we will be by your side throughout the project from the drawing up of the plans to construction.

So, do not hesitate to contact us.

Any questions?