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MC Agencement EURL

For the renovation and construction of your interior. Insulation, ceiling installation, false ceiling and partitions, inside doors, cupboards, parquet flooring, staircases…
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17A, rue Principale
68580, Strueth (Haut-Rhin)
06 83 50 42 21
Roberto Bottoni logo
ERB Bottoni

At your service for your electricity needs. Electricity for any building, upgrading electricity to comply with the relevant standards, computer cabling…
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11, rue Principale
68580, Strueth (Haut-Rhin)
06 84 10 41 02
Logo 1.2.3 Menuiseries
1.2.3 Menuiseries

External joinery knows what we are about. All internal and external forms of joinery and locking systems.
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11, rue de la Rivière
68580, Hindlingen (Haut-Rhin)
03 89 25 05 91
Régio Façade

We finish your project with crepi. painting, roughcast plastering…
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28, rue Schwilgue
68200, Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin)
09 53 92 20 11
OMF Construction

Concrete, we manage. Large works, general masonry, concrete, brick, agglomerate…
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22, rue de la Sauge
68700, Cernay (Haut-Rhin)
06 98 43 03 03
Logo constructions bleyer
Construction Bleyer

Concrete in Alsace, we master. Large works, general masonry, concrete, brick, agglomerate…
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4, rue de Mulhouse
68520, Burnhaupt-le-Bas (Haut-Rhin)
03 89 48 98 30
Logo l concept
L Concept SARL

We can take charge of your future project whether it be your landscaping requirements or your plans. Technical drawing, image synthesis, landscaping, building, …
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10A, rue du 27 Novembre
68210, Balschwiller (Haut-Rhin)
06 30 65 92 18

For all your heating, air-conditioning and sanitary needs, we are the specialists.
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75, rue Principale
68210, Gildwiller (Haut-Rhin)
P. Meisburger

For floors and tiles, parquet flooring and decorations, we are the experts.
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5, rue de la Lisière du Bois
68640, Feldbach (Haut-Rhin)
Any questions?
Any questions?